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We specialise in transforming industrial spaces.

Most working environments need to provide working space for equipment, machinery and storage as well as for people.  Many of our projects are either industrial in nature or contain a considerable portion of manufacturing, scientific or warehousing space.

Whether for heavy or light industry, the design and function of operational environments is heavily regulated.  Within such industries as pharmaceuticals, orthopaedics or food production a ‘high-care’ environment may need to be created in order to be able to deliver hygiene and cleanliness standards not expected in other premises. 


We've provided solutions for a range of industries.

Certain delicate operations will require ‘clean-rooms’ to be created with the services adapted to eliminate dust from the atmosphere and operations using heat or potentially dangerous chemical wills require appropriate safety measures and appropriate compartmentation.  The design and construction team at BC Workspace have completed projects in the scientific, food and technology industries and we are able to provide solutions for most industrial operations.


We design, create and adapt spaces to meet your needs.  

Many projects involve either the creation of new storage space, or the adaptation of space previously used for storage into offices of operational areas. We have delivered many projects where mezzanine floors have been installed to achieve this.  We can also design and provide a variety of racking and storage solutions to maximise the use of space and maintain effective and safe workflow in your premises.

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