Tenant Service


Ensuring the premises is left in its pre-let condition.

When a tenancy expires it is often the tenant’s responsibility to either return the premises to the landlord in its pre-let condition or pay a settlement charge to the landlord for them to undertake this work themselves.
Dependent upon the adaptations that have been undertaken and the length of the completed lease, these works can be extensive and the criteria for compliance is often strictly policed. This can often mean much restorative work in bringing the premises back to a neutral decorative state and ensuring all services are tested for function and safety.
BC Workspace have an excellent understanding of the standards and regulations which govern these works and should you seek to engage us for fit-out services on your new premises we would welcome also the opportunity to undertake the dilapidation works on your old. 
Generally, we are able to deliver the works with considerable savings compared to the amount to be to the landlord under cash settlement.  We also welcome undertaking such works as a stand-alone service.

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