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Landlord refurbs tend to fall into two categories

A full or partial refurbishment of a building or refurbishment of core areas only such as washrooms, receptions and stairwells. The latter can often mean that tenants are in situ in the workspace whilst works are carried out in the core, meaning clever phasing and considerations of noise and dust.

overall building refurbishment

Minor cosmetic refreshes to full remodelling.

Works can range from minor cosmetic refreshes up to full internal/external remodelling including landscaping and car park works. Our in house design team can create a full scheme for the Landlord or BC Workspace can work from a Landlord/Surveyor led specification.

Core Area Refurbishment

We have extensive experience in the refurbishment of core areas.

Keeping the core areas updated and fitted out to a high standard is key in attracting and retaining the right type of tenant. BC Workspace have extensive experience in the refurbishment of core areas such as washrooms, receptions and lobby areas.

All design challenges are met when fitting out such areas – visual impact, functionality of the space, accommodation of all the statutory safety requirements such as fire alarms and their associated panels etc.

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