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Property management company, London

Sector: Property

Scope: Design and Fit-Out


Working under a design and build contract and following a high-level design from the client’s own team, BCWorkspace were appointed to refurbish the reception, meeting hub and client receiving suites of this London-based property management company.


With the floors remaining in use during the works, a phased programme over 12 weeks enabled all construction activities to be undertaken with minimum disruption to the client’s operation.


Re-use and refurbishment of many of the existing features enabled the project to be brought in on budget whilst  recognising the necessity that considerable visual impact and change was required


Works included:

- Complete re-building of the raised access floor to reception

- New lighting and switching scheme to enable the space to be adapted for entertaining and business functions

-New floor coverings throughout; porcelain tiles, vinyl flooring and carpet

- Creation of a new fine dining room

- Lightbox graphics and branding

- Re-building of ceilings including hatches for access to services.

- Decoration and new blinds

- Bespoke conciege-style reception desk

- New tea point

- Replacement and refurbishment of doors