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BC Workspace were asked by Cushman & Wakefield to design and refurbish the washrooms within their City of London headquarters.

  • Project explanation

    Designing innovative washrooms.

    The project covered seven sets of male, female and disabled facilities over 4 floors. Whilst the project was driven by the obligations of their lease, there was an additional objective to move away from hand towels being used for many reasons.

    With this in mind, the layout of the washrooms would have restricted the number of traditional hand-dryers that could be installed. In the male toilets, it would have resulted in only one dryer for two cubicles and three urinals and there was almost no space in the female toilets. The Dyson dryer taps in a trough sink provided an elegant solution.

    We were conscious that the Dyson washer dryer tap was unfamiliar in both use and appearance and therefore ensured that its functionality was correct by creating mock ups of the trough prior to manufacture to ensure water was not sprayed back at the user when in use.

    We allocated time and budget for the technical trades to survey electrical routes, distribution boards, hot and cold water supply and drainage prior to install to ensure the washrooms would be fully functional and snag free the moment they were reopened for use.

    Completion Date:





    16 weeks

    Fit Out:

    CAT B

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