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Due to our expertise in both design and installation, we are frequently requested that we supply this as a stand-alone service.  Partitioning is one of the most significant elements of a fit-out.  It creates the working space in which all other elements fit and within which all working activities have to take place.   The choice and installation of the partitioning system has to take account of the requirements of sound insulation, light, aesthetics, privacy and fire compartmentation.


The partitioning requirements may range from the simple, functional subdivision of space to high-value glazing installations.  At its most basic, partitions may be created as permanent structures from simple studwork and plasterboard or there are a range of proprietary demountable systems which can be adapted and re-cycled for future use.


At its most advanced, we have also supplied and installed operable walls to offer flexibility in the sub-division and use of space.

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