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Interior Design

The design team at BC Workspace have been successfully creating innovative and functional commercial space for 20 years.  Our design studio has benefitted from the investment in the latest software and hardware technology to ensure that the brief transfers to creative proposals, to working designs and to finished construction with certainty.


Taking the space available and balancing the required visual impact, practical use and budget we will prepare cost-effective options for the best utilisation of your working space.  From the initial brief and survey we will produce initial visual proposals.  This will often involve the generation of 3D visualisations, often up to photo-realistic standards in order to allow you to really understand how the space will look and function. From there a more detailed, working design and cost can be produced ready for your final approval before construction.  This will often include sample boards, layouts and final specifications to give you clear expectation of the final finishes and feel of the project.


Cost control is a vital component of practical design.  Proposals are accompanied with detailed cost breakdowns and specifications.  The value of each element of the project can then be identified and where possible, there can be opportunities to design in cost savings, or create longer term value or sustainability for the project.

Paulton House GF and Section AA lores
Camera 1 Final Colour