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Fit-Out (CAT B Tenant)

Category B Fit-outs are either undertaken by the tenant with their own funds, their own funds with a landlord contribution, or the landlord who will likely roll the cost into the ongoing rent.


The space designed and adapted to suit the purposes of the incoming tenant and will likely reflect the character, values and operation of the business or institution.


Generally the objective is to provide many of the following:

- Showrooms and demonstration suites

- Reception and meeting spaces

- Welfare facilities

- Meeting rooms and individual offices

- Open plan office space

- Hot-desking

- Communications and IT

- HVAC adaptations


And the works are likely to include:

- Partitioning

- Lighting adaptations

- Carpentry works

- Decoration

- Signage

- Fixed and moveable furniture

- Carpets

- Security and access control

- Data cabling and comms


Hewitsons, Northampton


Juniper Trading, Wellingborough


Pharmaceutical Company, Uxbridge