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Fit-Out CAT A+ (Landlord)

At first sight, co-working appears to be sold on the collegiate informality and projection of a millennial awareness.  


Whilst this is a factor, the immediate availability of the power, data, and installed assets allows tenants to be operational in days rather than weeks.


In reality, when security, identity and productivity are taken into account, most tenants want and need their own front door and an equally flexible environment can still be created within their demise.


Cat A+ space can be presented to prospective tenants from a basic pre-installed underfloor grid of power and data up to a more complete furniture install.  Removing the underfloor works from a Cat B can halve site time and good to go options on install can make the proposed transaction immediately tangible.


BC Workspace are designers with full 3D studio max capability.  Being both Cat A & B contractors, our slab to slab, switchgear to socket capability ensures that we are able to design and deliver both creative, economic and compliant installations.

Indigo-Raised-Access-Floor-in-Office IMG_1474 IMG_4863