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Building Services

Beyond the fabric of the building, many of our projects also include considerable elements of functional components. These include:

- Air-conditioning

- Electrical installation

- Plumbing

- Data Cabling

- Lighting


Increasingly environmental standards are having a greater say in the specification and design of buildings.  At the point of refurbishment of premises, many of these will be significant factors for example a single system which provides both heating in winter and cooling in the summer will generally be more energy efficient than a separate air condition system with separate traditional heating system.


The aesthetics and operational comfort of you building is greatly affected by the positioning and selection of the lighting.  We have designed and installed many lighting schemes which contribute to the visual impact of the working space whilst achieving the efficiency and lux levels required for operation.


These elements of the fit-out can be installed by us as part of our complete Design & Build service or we are able to work alongside other suppliers who you or a main contractor may appoint separately.